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6. Aerobatic Lesson Plan - Competition Spins & Inadvertent Spins

Pilot:                                        Date:                   

   Schedule:                                              Equipment Required:
Preflight Instruction                                   .30            Aerobatic Airplane
CFI Demo                                                  .30            Aircraft POH
Directed Pilot Application & Practice       .75            Parachutes
Postflight critique                                       .15            Weather Briefing
Total                                                         1.50              Model airplane

Objective: Spins

Student should exhibit proper knowledge and use of controls in incipient spins, normal upright spins and accelerated spins.  Student should understand difference in competition upright spins and inadvertent spins - Can recover from both spins in safe manner and minimum, altitude loss - Throttle Closed, Hands Off Stick, Push "Heavy" Rudder Pedal

  1. Select safe altitude - no less than 5000 feet AGL
  2. Establish slow flight for normal spinsq
  3. Recognize incipient stalls, note control input to maintain stalled descent
  4. Use proper spin entry, and stop on heading +/- 45 degrees
  5. Recover to straight & level flight

  1. Proper Airspeed control
  2. Proper throttle position - CLOSED
  3. Minimum safe altitude awareness - >5,000' AGL
  4. Flight control utilization and coordination - during spin
  5. Proper division of attention
  6. Forces acting on aircraft and controls
  7. Proper use of rudder and elevator during recovery
  8. Stall recognition
  9. Spin direction recognition

Common Errors
  1. No spin - spiral dive
  2. Failure to recover from spin: Throttle Closed, Hands Off Stick, Push "Heavy" Rudder Pedal
  3. Accelerating spin with aileron & elevator
  4. Loss of spatial awareness, disorientation
  5. Secondary stall/spin during recovery
  6. Recovery off heading

Instructor Actions
  1. At 5000' AGL slow aircraft to slow flight
  2. Demonstrate proper spin entry:  At stall, full back stick, right (or left) rudder, neutral aileronq
  3. Count spin segment by 1/4s or 1/2s; perform 1, 1 , 1, 2 turn competition spins, and multiple turn inadvertent spins
  4. Competition Spins: Recover from spin on heading, establish vertical, recover to level flight
  5. Inadvertent Spins: Throttle Closed, Hands Off Stick, Push "Heavy" Rudder Pedal; when spin stops, slowly recover to level flight
  6. Conduct a post flight critique to review procedures, techniques and preview the next lesson

Pilot Actions
  1. Participate in discussion of objective, listen, ask questions
  2. Preview this outline prior to the flight lesson
  3. Practice and experience spins including incipient spins, competition spins - right & left
  4. Practice inadvertent spin recovery

Completion Standards
Pilot can explain and demonstrate spins including proper competition spin entry and recovery from spin on proper heading.  Pilot can explain & demonstrate inadvertent spin recovery - Throttle Closed, Hands Off Stick, Push "Heavy" Rudder Pedal

Additional Spin Training Information