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Vans RV Aircraft Instruction & Checkout

Initial Instruction:
Now that you have built your beautiful new airplane, you need to learn how to fly it - properly & safely.  Steve Johnson has over 100 hours of instructional flight time in RV aircraft: RV-4s, RV-6s and RV-7s.  Steve teaches proper energy and airspeed management in these new fast slick airplanes.  Be sure you have the skills to make your long cross county flights to new airports where crosswinds, narrow runways and other obstacles wait.  Have the confidence to know you will be able to fly & land your new plane anywhere.

If you have never flown a tail-wheel aircraft before and you are looking to learn the new skill of flying tail-wheel aircraft, then you need to look no further!  Steve will provide tailwheel instruction in your RV aircraft so you will get all of the performance you can from your new airplane.  If you have no tailwheel time,  Steve will give you the initial training necessary to receive your tailwheel endorsement.  Tailwheel pilots have the extra needed skills to handle tailwheel airplanes, but they also have better knowledge & skills in handling tricycle geared aircraft as well.

Do you want to do aerobatics in your RV, or have the aerobatics maneuvers done and signed off in your aircraft logs, so that your airplane is certified for aerobatics?  Steve can help you get both done.  We can provide:

    ·Unusual attitudes
    ·Spin avoidance/recovery
    ·Introduction to loops and rolls
    ·Advanced maneuvers such as cuban eights and hammerheads
    ·Advanced competition training and critique
    ·Introduction to formation flight
    ·Advanced aerobatic formation flight

If you do decide that you would like to complete aerobatic training with us, the full course syllabus is available on this web site. If, however, you do not want to complete the full course, we are more than willing to custom tailor our instruction program to suit your needs.



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