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We here at can provide you with a wide variety of aerobatic instruction to fulfill your needs, whatever they may be. We teach everyone from beginners all the way up to professionals looking to begin a career flying competitively. Some examples of the type of instruction we can provide include:

    ·Unusual attitudes not experienced in regular aircraft
    ·Spin avoidance/recovery
    ·Introduction to loops and rolls
    ·Advanced airshow maneuvers such as "cuban eights" and "hammerheads"
    ·Advanced competition training and critique
    ·Introduction to formation flight
    ·Advanced aerobatic formation flight

If you do decide that you would like to complete aerobatic training with us, we have a full course syllabus available. If, however, you do not want to complete the full course with us, we are more than willing to custom tailor our instruction program to suit your needs.

Our standard instruction rate is measured off of the amount of time actually spent in the aircraft (Typically referred to as "Hobbs" time.) If you have an aircraft that you would like to receive aerobatic instruction in, it must be certified for aerobatic maneuvers and must pass a one-time technical inspection performed by one of our pilots. The rate for aerobatic instruction in your own aircraft is $65/hr plus a one-time fee of $65 for the time needed to perform the technical inspection and calculate the weight and balance tables.

If you have never flown a tail-wheel aircraft before and you are looking to learn the new skill of flying tail-wheel aircraft, then you need to look no further!  We can provide tail-wheel instruction or you can provide the tail-wheel aircraft and we will give you the initial training necessary to receive your endorsement.  This is option is very popular with those who would like to lower the costs of flight instruction by providing their own aircraft for instruction.



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