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8. Aerobatic Lesson Plan - Competition Sequence Design & Flight

Pilot:                                        Date:                   

   Schedule:                                          Equipment Required:
Preflight Instruction                                    .30        Aerobatic Airplane
CFI Demo                                                   .30        Aircraft POH
Directed Pilot Application & Practice        .75        Parachutes
Postflight critique                                        .15        Weather Briefing
Total                                                          1.50        Model airplane
                                                                                Appropriate aerobatic sequence card, 2 copies

Objective: Competition Flight

Fly an aerobatic competition sequence from start to finish.

  1. Student should start flight from proper point outside box, and signal flight start
  2. Student should exhibit proper knowledge and use of airspace and altitude in aerobatic box
  3. Student should start sequence at appropriate altitude and on proper heading, correcting for winds
  4. Student should maintain aircraft energy throughout sequence
  5. Student should be aware of position within box at all times and determine appropriate "cross box" corrections
  6. Make correct decisions if approaching bottom of box, "low" or edges of box, "outs"
  7. Finish flight at appropriate altitude on heading, with correct signal

  1. Proper Start altitude and position
  2. Proper box positioning
  3. Correction for head/tail winds and for cross winds
  4. Energy management
  5. Proper division of attention
  6. Altitude awareness
  7. Finish sequence with proper signal

Common Errors
  1. Too high or too low at start
  2. Failure to signal start & finish
  3. No head/tail wind corrections
  4. No cross wind corrections
  5. Loss of Altitude awareness
  6. Loss of spatial awareness, disorientation
  7. Flying wrong figure or out of order

Instructor Actions
  1. Start sequence at proper altitude
  2. Signal start of sequence
  3. Use correct energy throughout figures, establishing energy requirements 2-3 figures ahead
  4. Maintain positioning within box, correcting for head/tail winds and for cross winds as necessary
  5. Maintain altitude awareness
  6. Fly figures in correct sequence and fly "scoreable" figures
  7. Signal end of sequence

Pilot Actions
  1. Provide 2 copies of aerobatic sequence to be flown
  2. Participate in discussion of objective, listen, ask questions
  3. Preview this outline prior to the flight lesson
  4. Practice and experience spins including upright & inverted spins, accelerated spins, and flat spins
  5. Practice inadvertent spin recovery - Throttle Closed, Hands Off Stick, Push "Heavy" Rudder Pedal

Completion Standards
Pilot can fly a competition sequence with "scoreable" figures
Pilot can maintain positioning within aerobatic box, including altitude limitations
Pilot can follow start and finish rules for sequence signals