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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a fun and exhilarating thrill ride in an actual aerobatic airplane?  Well here at you can do just that!  Our chief pilot, Steve Johnson, has competed in aerobatic competitions across the nation, and now he wants to share his experience with you! You can choose to simply ride along in his MX2 aircraft and experience what it is like to fly through the loops, rolls, and other stunt maneuvers you see performed at many air shows across the country.  If this does not satisfy your desire for an extreme thrill, then you can also choose to receive professional aerobatic instruction from Steve Johnson himself!  Not only can you learn the fine touch of flying tricks in the sky, but you can also learn the difficulties of flying a tail wheel aircraft.  Many rides and instruction options are available.  Give us a call today at (615)557.2364.

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Call for your check out in the MX2, the best aerobatic aircraft in the world!

Try flying the Red Bull Race aircraft yourself!